Wednesday, September 11, 2013

back to workout and bored at office now

Is blogging now cause nothing to do at work lol.. the few person I need to do discussion is either on a meeting or haven't reply my question... rawr.

and no one call me for skype meeting twice today... bored max.. orz

neways manage to force myself back to workout last night, manage to catch it up well ~~ no body sore yet.. guess will only come tmrw morning haha.

This is how I force myself to workout last night.
I was craving for KFC and Tuesday has 25% discount on Snack plate. So I went to buy one set, then I tell myself, "No please workout then eat". haha it does work. I know if I eat fastfood after workout = no effect. Hey at least I got myself working out and it'll eventually keep the momentum going~

So I downloaded the Shinhwa's This Love song (thanks to the SnK cosplay group lol) acting as music background looping while I do workout and staring at the KFC lolol. but the smell didn't leak so it wasn't so bad haha.

Back to workout, gained 2kg and fitness is definitely lacking now but so far ok la can keep up. Not able to sweat out faster than I used to as well... need to keep the metabolism back fast fast~~ but feels good to workout again, went to bath afterwards, feel so refreshing. :D

Here onwards I will stop posting up my progress picture orz.. I still take photo everytime I got workout but I won't post. For no special reason lol.

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