Wednesday, September 11, 2013

back to workout and bored at office now

Is blogging now cause nothing to do at work lol.. the few person I need to do discussion is either on a meeting or haven't reply my question... rawr.

and no one call me for skype meeting twice today... bored max.. orz

neways manage to force myself back to workout last night, manage to catch it up well ~~ no body sore yet.. guess will only come tmrw morning haha.

This is how I force myself to workout last night.
I was craving for KFC and Tuesday has 25% discount on Snack plate. So I went to buy one set, then I tell myself, "No please workout then eat". haha it does work. I know if I eat fastfood after workout = no effect. Hey at least I got myself working out and it'll eventually keep the momentum going~

So I downloaded the Shinhwa's This Love song (thanks to the SnK cosplay group lol) acting as music background looping while I do workout and staring at the KFC lolol. but the smell didn't leak so it wasn't so bad haha.

Back to workout, gained 2kg and fitness is definitely lacking now but so far ok la can keep up. Not able to sweat out faster than I used to as well... need to keep the metabolism back fast fast~~ but feels good to workout again, went to bath afterwards, feel so refreshing. :D

Here onwards I will stop posting up my progress picture orz.. I still take photo everytime I got workout but I won't post. For no special reason lol.

Monday, September 9, 2013

Been resting, and eating LOL

Seems that I have stopped my insanity workout for some time now..mainly is to rest up my body for abit. I noticed for the past few weeks I been too busy going around doing things and pushing my limit to do Insanity Workout. So I figured maybe is time to have some rest period for my body, eat good food, before going insane with workout again. XD  <-- ass="" lazy="" p="">
Neways here are the list of nicer food I been eating the past 10 days like that haha. and yep I put up 2 kg too..... T____T

Just notice out of 6 food here, half of them are free! XD

Well, hope I'll get the motivation to workout soon ba~ A bit lost track recently cause I haven't been swimming for the past 3 weeks... I need chlorine waterrrrr. LOL

Saturday, September 7, 2013

Jrock no Tamashii 4

Attended Jrock no Tamashii 4 event. Got invited for the first 3 events but never get the chance to go, I think I was either at hometown, out of town mostly.

Finally gotten the chance to go as a photographer hehe.
 Received a VANIRU Cosmic Night album courtesy of the organizer: Selina/Toybox

and also a voucher for Tokyo Teppan for a free set of Teriyaki teppan set. nom nom nom. I love the garlic rice haha. Ate 2 japanese meal 2 days in a row... orz

And here's a sneak preview of my shot from the concert.

There are total of 9 bands performing that night, from Malaysia, Singapore and 2 from Japan.
Awesome stuff! 

Used mostly the lens I borrowed from my friend 50mm f/1.4 and a bit of my 10-22mm f/3.5-4.5. 
This was my first time shooting a gig show inside a club (I'm more used to shoot big scale concert with big expensive lightings and back lights. 
So this one is a big challenge for me as the lightings were shining towards the performers instead of from the back orz... it was too near to them so my photos were a bit screwed up. But nevertheless thanks for this I forced myself to shoot them in different way (totally opposite of my usual style) and the photo came out quite satisfied. I have to blindly just shoot the photos, come back home and check them with PC then only see the photos are not too screwed haha. Very scary actually, I might ruined the whole day photos.. >.<

The problem now is that, I have no idea should I put most of the photos in BW or use the original colour.. cause the colour is mostly single colour (ie blue, red, green) which look very weird on human, but look extremely awesome in B&W.

sigh.. maybe i do a bit of gig show photo research then decide on an editing ba..

Friday, August 30, 2013

Last min meeting and Pizza!!

Lunch at Spaghetti Grill and lotsa onion rings! XD
Then got a call to go for pizza party at night.

Took a bus from MV to Subang, not familiar with the route, 20 mins car ride took me 2.5hr of bus ride. =_=  I actually missed a stop and went circling around USJ for an hour.. thank god I wasn't late for the meeting (they eat first then discussion)~

Look who's in the photo. lol
Have a close up look and harass the camera~ it is so neatly done, so much details! O_O

Meet up done at 12am cause the president forgot he got a movie at 11.50pm.. =_=
Friend sent me home so we continue to have a chat till... 2.30am when I reached home.. oh god. D:

Wednesday, August 28, 2013

Insanity Workout: Day 23

Yesterday I din't do workout, I cant even force myself to do one, because my body is close to break apart even just by walking... guess I'm over tired on Monday already and still forcing myself to workout. T^T
So I slept a good 13 hours when I reach home and today finally feeling better. ^^

So here's day 23 workout!!
Still feeling sad that no more video to provide the reader here (if any!)..

Monday, August 26, 2013

Insanity Workout: Day 22

Today went to check out the Muay Fit's Muay Thai class. OMG they actually take yearly fee.. which is .. cost a BOMB. I think I'll just probably go for a trial class and stop going liao haha.. boh bian, few thousands ringgit of commitment is too much for me, I was looking for monthly fees at most actually, or half year...

Neways, back to workout~~ 4 days no workout and I lost my breath for abit today.. sigh.
I notice that if ever you feel like dying from the workout reps, it'll always end the session very soon. So just continue on until they stop. It's just a few more seconds!! Ganba!!

Friday, August 23, 2013

pre Animangaki and FOOD~~ ¯﹃¯

Today no workout cause at night gonna meet up with a friend to discuss things~~

Tifa sent me this delicious kekki!! slurps!

When I reach Sunway Pyramid for meeting, look at this awesome sky!! <3 p="">
And thanks for the awesome treat! Good salmon and great mash potato, Bubba Gump!!